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Artificial soil(BLACK)

*Material:natural soil,organic manure,mineralsubstance,
Adhesive,paint and buffer
*Soils will not dissolve in water but waste a little.
*The pellet size of the soil is moderate.So it can stay under the aquarium and keep the water circulation flowing freely.And plants take root easily.
*It contains 16 multi-nutrients and other substances for the growth of water plants.
*The manure will be released slowly within one year and it will not make the algae out of control.
*It contains adapted nutrient to adjust PH value of water to be 6.8 which is the best condition for water plants.
*It won’t grow moss but can absorb the metabolic waste of aquatic animals and decompose it quickly by nitrobacteria. 
*It can absorb the ammonium and decrease its content in the water in order to provide a healthy growth environment for fish and aquatic plant.
*No pollution of water quality
*Good for the growth of water plants and safe for fishes.

How to use :

1.When setting a aquatic tank,the bottom filter board or the bottom must be overspreaded by artificial soil about 4~5cm.The soil thickness of front must be lower than the back.
2.When injecting water into the aquarium, please put a flat plate on the artificial soil first and then inject the water into the plate in order to decrease the impul-sive force of water and avoid the turbidity . is optimal to put the fish into the aquarium after the filter operates for 12 hours.

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