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Grandartds Aqua Gardening Ltd is one of pioneer manufacturers in the field of aquarium decorations.Since 2006,Grandarts is devoted to developing and producing aquariums, pets&reptiles and gardening products that are exported to Europe,USA,Australia ect. 

Product ranges :

-Aquarium deocrations & accessories 

* 3D aquarium background/fish tank background/PU background/ Terrarium background

* Turtle dock

* Artificial rock/stone

* Artifical coral rock

* Artificial fence

* Aquatic plant soil

* Resin/Ceramic ornaments

- Aquarium filter medias

* Bio filter ball

* Ceramic filter tube

* Bio filter mat

   - Pet&Reptile products

* feeding dish/water dish

* hides/caves

* reptile circket feeder

* water dispenser

* Terrarium waterfall

* Terrarium background

- Gardening products

 * Artifical rockwork waterfall

For responding to the environmental protection, Grandarts adopts the technology of Rigid Polyurethane Foam and imitates nature rocks and trees to produce 3D aquarium backgrounds, pet products and so on that are eco-friendly, non-toxic,lifelike and impressive. Grandarts’ s technology and cost control ability have already been in the leading international level.

In order to meet customers’ requirements, Grandarts keeps developing,innovating and promoting the production technology and the quality.With advanced technology and high quality, the products of Grandarts not only gain recognition and appreciation from customers, but also bring Grandarts more OEM business opportunities.

Root in technology, professional production, providing customers with high-quality products, excellent services, favorable prices are Grandarts eternal tenet.

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