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    Morten Kristiansen  Posted at  2014-10-28 19:41:51  

    Hi. I am about to start a shop in denmark, and i am interested in your products. Do you have some prices? Can you ship to denmark end whats the cost?
    AdministratorReply at 2015-10-13 17:24:52

    Dear Morten Kristiansen,

    Thanks for your message.

    Glad to hear you are intended to make a shop in denmark, pls let me know which product you want to know and more details will be sent to you soon.

    Wish to hear your reply.

    Best regards

    Jenny Woo

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    william  Posted at  2014-2-1 12:16:17  


    how can I get prices on your background boards

    AdministratorReply at 2014-2-10 9:33:32

    Pls check your email box.We have contacted u on 10th.,Feb.2014.

    Valentin Popescu  Posted at  2013-12-31 15:58:01  


    Dear Sirs, hello! I like to know if you agree a cooperation for seelling your products on romanian market. Thank you and best regards, Valentin Popescu

    AdministratorReply at 2014-1-3 7:29:06

    Dear sir,

    we have sent u the email.Pls check your mailbox.



    Bao  Posted at  2013-12-20 0:30:42  


    Please send for me the list price all the product, i intent to buy some with large quantity, i am from Vietnam, Thanks you

    AdministratorReply at 2013-12-24 7:53:48

    We have contacted u.Pls check your mail box.

    grant  Posted at  2013-12-3 16:19:32  


    Hi There I live in south africa and would like a price on the backgroud for my tank.

    AdministratorReply at 2013-12-4 8:12:25


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